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Godaddy did not eat your babyGodaddy is not evil.  They won’t eat your baby like a Dingo would.  But there are literally thousands of other, better choices out there and this article is here to hopefully convince you choose someone – almost anyone – other than Godaddy.  Whether it’s for registering a domain, hosting a website, or as an email provider, there are better and cheaper alternatives around every corner.

Some might think I’m crazy writing an article like this about a company worth about $9 Billion dollars at this time.  Perhaps I am crazy but it is my belief, and that of many others that Godaddy uses their market share to sell inferior services at ridiculously high prices. Continue reading »


Shockbyte vs VpsCraft - Who comes out on top?

When it comes to gaming servers, especially Minecraft servers – Shockbyte is very popular.  But does that mean they are the best on the market?

Think about it – If you own any domain names, you probably know that Godaddy sucks.  They are expensive – way more than almost everyone else, yet they are the leader in their field. 


So what does this have to do with our review?  Simple – just because Shockbyte is one of the leaders in their field doesn’t mean they are the best choice.  Read on to see our comparison between Shockbyte and one of their much smaller competitors – VpsCraft.  


We’ll let you make your own decision.


Let’s take a look at a pricing comparison between the two services. The first table is if you don’t want a dedicated ip from Shockbyte.  Hint: Dedicated ip’s are FREE from Vpscraft

You want or need a dedicated ip for your Minecraft server and want to stick with Shockbyte?  As you’ll see from the table below, prepare to shell out up to 74% more than Vpscraft.  That’s a big difference!


No matter what size server you are interested in, you can see from the table above that Vpscraft.com is always a better value compared to Shockbyte.com.


How do we come up with these numbers? 


Simple.  The best recurring discount Shockbyte offers is 10%.  Yes, they do have a 50% off offer, but that’s only good for one month so we don’t count that.  We have a promo code for Vpscraft.com for 30% off for life so that’s the numbers we use.


Even if you took both services at full price, Vpscraft is always cheaper.


And one thing we don’t take into account in this price comparison: All paid Vpscraft plans include a dedicated ip, which would cost an extra $5 per month at Shockbyte.  If you want that feature, that makes Shockbyte more than double the price on most plans!


But you might be saying to yourself, “price isn’t everything”. And you’d be right.  I’m more than happy to pay a premium for a good product or service that will satisfy my needs.  On the other hand the old saying “you get what you pay for” isn’t always true.  Take our Godaddy example.  They are way more expensive than their competitors yet give the same or less service.  Sometimes you’re just paying for a name. And that’s just not right.

“Sometimes you're paying for a name. And that's just not right.”


Don’t take our word for it.  Check out some of the reviews of Shockbyte and Vpscraft.


There seems to be a common theme with Shockbyte here:


  1. They don’t like to give refunds even though they clearly state a 24 hour refund policy.  This complaint is repeated over and over again by many people.
  2. Their support leaves a lot to be desired.  In fact they have a ‘fast track’ system where you can pay to get faster support.  Umm, maybe you should just provide your customers with reasonable support in the first place?  Crazy to have to pay to get a response.



How to save at Vpscraft

Vpscraft.com doesn’t make it too obvious on how to use promo codes to save money on services on their site.  To enter a promo code, just go to the second page of the order form, and you’ll see a small link saying “Promo?” just to the right of the Subtotal.  See our screenshot below.


Just click the link and you’ll get a box allowing you to enter the promo code from our site.


Better hosting for less.  That is Vpscraft.com vs. Shockbyte.com in a nutshell.  Why would you want to pay more for less?


Click below to go to our Vpscraft coupon page and give this great service a try.  Remember – they have a 7 day money-back guarantee so if you’re not satisfied in any way, you can get a refund. HINT: They actually give refunds as promised!