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Why choose Linode?

Whether you are new to cloud hosting or have a lot of experience, Linode may be a good choice for you.


Linode was created in 2003 and has been growing steadily ever since.  They are a private company so exact figures aren’t known but a quick search shows that they have annual revenue of over $100 million.  That alone makes it pretty clear that Linode is here to stay.


Like many of their competitors, Linode only offers unmanaged servers so if you are not comfortable maintaining the server yourself, it might be better to look at companies that offer managed services.  They can be a lot more expensive but for peace of mind it might be worth your while.  You may find a managed service you like in our Cloud Hosting listings.


Still here?  That’s great.  Let’s move on to some of the details of Linode and why we think they might be a good choice for you.



Linode offers 3 sets of pricing:


  • Standard
  • Dedicated
  • High Memory


Each set of plans is fairly obvious what they do and what plan you need is up to you.  It completely depends on what you plan on using the server for.  For the vast majority of people, one of the standard plans will be more than enough.


Remember, you can upgrade your server at any time in the future, so it might be a good idea to choose a smaller plan and upgrade as your needs change.


Linode Pricing Plans

Linode servers are actually priced by the hour; The monthly costs they show are based on an average month.  The great thing about this kind of billing is you can fire up a new server in a just a few minutes, play around with it and if you mess something up, just delete it and start over.  Choosing the cheapest plan, you can play around with a cloud server for an hour for less than one penny.  Pretty cheap entertainment!


As far as performance goes, the location of datacenters ranks way up there.  Ideally, you want to place your server closest to where the bulk of your traffic comes from.  A faster site will always help retain your viewers and makes Google happy too.

Linode currently offers 9 datacenters in three regions.  There is a good chance that by the time you read this Linode review, they may have even more as they are constantly updating their service. Take a look at the map below to see if they have a location that is suitable for your needs.  If not, remember that we have discount codes for other Cloud Hosting providers that may have servers closer to what you need.


UPDATE August 2019: Linode has added an additional data center in Mumbai, India, bringing their datacenter locations to ten.

Technical Support

Linode is a self managed host, so they will not walk you through basic server problems or maintenance.  They have a solid library of information though which can help with many questions or problems you may be having.  But you will need to do the work yourself.


Linode also has an active community, users helping users.  If you can’t find the answer in the knowledgebase, the community may be the next best place to try.


We run about a dozen servers on Linode for various projects and over the years have dealt with Linode support a few times.  In every instance, support was fast, helpful and knowledgeable.  They apparently have phone support but we never tried it; we always opted for the standard ticketing system like most web hosts have.

Control Panel

Recently, Linode has updated the look, feel and usefullness of their control panel.  Prior to this update, the control panel had limited usefullness and looked like it was out of the 1990’s.


Now, the control panel is much better looking, easier to find what you are looking for and a lot more informative.  Take a look at their server summary page for example:


Very quickly, these summary graphs will show you all of the important information about your server, allowing you to pinpoint problems or bottlenecks quickly and easily.


We can’t dive into all the features of the Linode control panel, but some of the standard features are:


Linode Control Panel Features

Linode Reviews

There is not a web host in the world that can be all things to all people.  Linode is no exception.  While we have been using their services quite happily for several years, there will always be others that will be unhappy as well.

But overall, Linode gets good reviews overall from most independent review sites, so our good experience with them mirrors what most other people say.  Here is a few of the more helpful reviews for Linode, both good and bad.

One thing we noticed when checking out reviews for Linode was that most of the more negative reviews were from several years ago.  Perhaps they have ironed out the kinks that were causing issues?  I don’t know as we’ve not experienced any of these problems.


I want to quickly put in my 2 cents worth on the two negative reviews we’ve posted here:



I don’t recall having to go through that process when joining up and we’ve referred thousands of customers to Linode since then and have not heard of this issue.  Maybe it’s something they used to do?  Maybe the person complaining is from a country with known fraud problems?  Who knows.  If you’ve had these problems, please contact us and let us know, I will be sure to update this review with the information.



No idea on this one, although I did find a couple people online complaining about this.  We don’t use their servers for email at all so it doesn’t really affect us but it’s troubling still the same if they are in fact ignoring spam.  I find it unlikely that Linode would just blatantly allow spam on their services.  We’ll try to update this review if we find out more, but regardless I don’t think this is a dealbreaker one way or the other.


Hopefully we have given you enough information to make an informed decision if Linode is right for your needs.  Is Linode perfect?  Probably not, but then nothing really is.

But since Linode has a seven day moneyback guarantee as well as low hourly pricing, the obvious choice is to give them a whirl and find out how they work for you.

If you are on the fence about trying Linode or one of their competitors because of the steep learning curve if you’re not too comfortable with Linux, we suggest taking a look at Runcloud which can help manage all your servers from any of the major Cloud hosting players.

Feel free to comment on what you think of Linode below.

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DomainCouponsPro Linode Rating

Based on our years of using Linode, we are happy to give them one of the highest ratings for a VPS/Cloud Hosting service.