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A history of Domain Registrars

 It’s almost ironic to call it a “history” of domain registrars since it’s been such a relatively short period of time since the internet has been in existence.


Yet a large portion of the people actively using the internet were not born when it first came to be.  So this is the dirty story of domain registrars from the beginning.


As you may know, the internet started out as a US military effort to create a network that would be able to survive large-scale outages due to bombings, war, terrorism, or whatever the military could think up at the time.  Sounds like a good topic for another article!


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Godaddy did not eat your babyGodaddy is not evil.  They won’t eat your baby like a Dingo would.  But there are literally thousands of other, better choices out there and this article is here to hopefully convince you choose someone – almost anyone – other than Godaddy.  Whether it’s for registering a domain, hosting a website, or as an email provider, there are better and cheaper alternatives around every corner.

Some might think I’m crazy writing an article like this about a company worth about $9 Billion dollars at this time.  Perhaps I am crazy but it is my belief, and that of many others that Godaddy uses their market share to sell inferior services at ridiculously high prices. Continue reading »