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Torguard is a leading supplier of services like VPN, Private Email, Anonymous Proxy and Private DNS.

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Torguard VPN 50% off coupon code

This is the absolute BEST deal you can find on a quality VPN service like Torguard. With this Torguard promo code you can get 50% off recurring for lifetime (as long as you remain a customer)!  They don’t offer deals like this very often so if you are on the hunt for a good VPN or bittorrent proxy, this would be a great time to take advantage and save tons of money.  Torguard is a highly recommended VPN service and we’ve been personally using it for well over a year now.  Couldn’t be happier with the service.

WARNING: Torguard rarely runs promotions like this for very long, so if you want to grab this awesome deal, you better act NOW.

How to use Torguard Promo Code

We have created a simple walk-through to use our Torguard Promotional Code:

Step 1: Head to Torguard website

Hint: You should already have a new tab open to Torguard if you clicked our ‘Show Coupon’ button.  This will also give you the special promo code to use on their website.  Click on ‘Buy VPN now’.

If you are only concerned about secure web browsing, you could order the anonymous proxy but if you want secure downloads as well, we strongly recommend the anonymous VPN.

Torguard home page

Step 2: Choose Billing Cycle

Hint: To get the best value, we suggest to choose an annual account which works out to half the price as ordering Torguard monthly.  You could also choose semi-annual (six months) but for us, the ease of one payment a year was what we find easiest.  And we are too cheap to pay for two years in advance.  Kudos to you if you’re not as cheap as us.

Another hint: Torguard offers a 7 day moneyback guarantee so there is no concern about ordering for a full year as you can just ask for a refund if for some reason you are not satisfied.

Choose Billing Cycle

Choose Billing Cycle


Step 3: Add to Cart

Don’t worry that the website still shows the full price, the next step will get you the savings!

Step 4: Add Promo Code

You should have already copied the Torguard Promo code to your clipboard from our website, so just right click in the box shown below, select ‘Paste’ from the menu and click the GO button.

Add promo code

Step 5: Save your money!

Confirm that the promo code was entered properly by checking the total column.  Here you can see that we have saved 50% or $30 a year.  And remember – this is a recurring discount, so you get the same low price as long as you remain a customer – not like a lot of other companies that charge you huge after your first year.

Saving money at Torguard

success 80%

50% off for LIFE Torguard VPN promo code

This coupon code is working again!!  Yay!

The absolute best deal you can find on one of the best VPN services out there.  This promo code gives you 50% off forever!  That’s right, sign up today for half off and as long as you stay a customer, you will always get your service for half price.  This makes this Torguard promo code the best deal on the internet right now for quality VPN services.  This is a limited time offer so take advantage now!

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20% off Lifetime Torguard promo code

Here is a good working Torguard Promo code for 20% off any service for LIFE.  That is a good deal, rather than a one time discount, this one is for as long as you keep your service running at Torguard – one of the most respected VPN services around.

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Get 20% off Torguard VPN and Anonymous proxy coupon

With this coupon you can get 20% off your order of VPN, Anonymous Proxy, Private Email or Smart DNS services from Torguard

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Get 50% off Torguard VPN and Anonymous proxy services

With this coupon you can get 50% off your order of VPN, Anonymous Proxy, Private Email or Smart DNS services from Torguard

success 40%