Godaddy did not eat your baby

Why Godaddy sucks

Godaddy is not evil.  They won't eat your baby like a Dingo would.  But there are literally thousands of other, better ...
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Anti-Piracy law passed in Australia

If you are the last one out, turn off the lights. That is about it for Australia and their 23 ...
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Digital Copyright Law Passed in Canada

Digital Piracy Law passed in Canada

Did you know that on January 2, 2015, Canada enacted the Copyright Modernization act otherwise known as the Digital Piracy ...
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How to Choose a VPN

Why use a VPN service?

There are a number of reasons both businesses and home users would want or need to use a VPN service ...
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Copyright Modernization Act

Digital Piracy law passed in Canada

If you download music, movies or TV shows you need to be informed of the new laws and how they ...
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