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Surfshark Review

Surfshark Review

Surfshark Review Can a rookie hit a homerun?   We are pleased to present our review of Surfshark vpn. Is the new kid on the block

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Why Godaddy sucks

Why Godaddy sucks

  Godaddy is not evil.  They won’t eat your baby like a Dingo would.  But there are literally thousands of other, better choices out there and

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Australia Anti Piracy Act

Anti-Piracy law passed in Australia

If you are the last one out, turn off the lights.

That is about it for Australia and their 23 million people when it comes to any website the government deems aids in piracy of copyright law.

This is a far-reaching law, in fact it is more onerous than most other countries I have seen pass other anti-piracy legislation. Gone will be sites like and That is just for starts. There can and likely will be other collateral damage to more ‘legitimate’ sites such as Dropbox or megafileupload. Sites such as this can be easily targeted by the Aussie government since it is impossible for these companies to control every single item that is uploaded, stored or shared on their systems and it is inevitable that copyrighted material will be available.

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